Skelex 360-XFR

The ultimate exoskeleton for overhead work. 

Skelex 360-XFR

The new ultimate

Created for Condition-resistance


Not just safe to use in industrial settings, the Skelex 360-XFR was built for supreme durability. Significant components of the outer shell (arm cups, height adjustment system) are crafted with Tencate TecaSafe (Plus)® and Kevlar ® Nomax ®, making these components fire and flame retardant, oil and water repellant, and static repellent.





Be Your Ultimate – With Ultimate Comfort and Functionality


The Skelex 360-XFR comes with a revamped arm cup interface. It has a Pinch Lock release and V-Lock arm length adjustment for increased functionality. We’ve redesigned EVA padding for added comfort and absorption. Available in three sizes and back compatible with all Skelex 360 devices.

Minimal interference with work environments


Skelex 360-XFR is optimally used with back covers (sold separately and back compatible with previous generation Skelex devices – inquire here!) that protect work environments from the exoskeleton springs, preventing scratches, and tangles. The springs are made with Tencate TecaSafe (Plus)® and reinforced with PP patches to ensure fire retardancy for the FlexFrame.

Safely Adaptable For Multiple Users


Skelex 360-XFR can be shared easily by multiple users because of its easily detachable and cleanable components. It has numerous adjustment options and arm cups available in S, M, and L sizes. Further, the Skelex Softgoods set (sold separately) comes with personal arm cups and harnesses for multiple users.

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